• New for Girls!

    My Star by "B" is a collection of unique clothing for Girls that looks beyond trend and straight to trendsetter.  We love beautiful fabrics and trim that make our designs pretty and chic.

  • My Star Baby

    My Star Baby

  • Signature Fabric New Born Hats

    Signature Fabric New Born Hats

  • For Boys and Girls

    For Boys and Girls

  • Tooth Fairly Pillows

    Tooth Fairly Pillows

  • New My Star Hoodies

    New My Star Hoodies

  • My Star Twin Hats

    My Star Twin Hats

  • My Star Twins

    My Star Twins

  • My Star Twin Shirts

    My Star Twin Shirts

  • Custom Easter Basket

    Custom Easter Basket



Our "My Star by "B " Products are forever favorites


                            She only wants to wear My Star by "B"



My Star Twins  







Our Products are made out of quality fabrics.


My Star by "B" essentials are designed to make any morning wardrobe decision easier.  We have something for everyone.  From newborn to school age, even Mommy and Daddy.  We have plenty to keep your closet - totally inspired.


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