My Star by "B"

There is a Star in every family.  She shines from the moment of her parents' first glance.  My Star is what we all aspire to be.

This is my story,

My Mother's Father was a Tailor.  He had a Dry Cleaning Business. He learned to sew as a child.  My Mother grew up in the business without formal training.  That gift was passed down to her children.  I'm third generation.

When I was growing up, my Mom made all of our clothes.  My sisters and I would all gather around the sewing machine, waiting for her to finished the next dress for us, or for our dolls.  All of us were taught to sew, but I was the only one who kept it going.  I've designed Wedding Dressing, Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses as well as Fun Stuff.  I love to sew, and designing unique looks is my favorite hobby.

My Star was born on March 7, 2010.  She is an inspiration from my Mom.  I'm grateful for my Mom's legacy, she was My Star for teaching me how to make clothes.  I used to always call my Mom and thank her for the ability to sew.  However, she recently passed away, so I'm doing this in her memory.  Creating treasured baby items that showcase a parents' love for their child is just the perfect tribute to my talented Mom.  And so I dedicate this line of artistic baby accessories to you, Mom, because I know you are the brightest star in the heavens.

Thanks, Mom, for truly giving me this gift.  So I guess you can say....I'm my Mom's.....My Star.


Brenda Harris/ "B"